Water Quality & You

Water, as we know, is vital to sustaining life. Just as important as having sufficient water, is the requirement that water is of a quality that suits its end purpose.

Riverina Water, over its 78 year history, has provided a reliable, safe water supply. In more recent years its performance in supplying a safe water supply has been measured in terms of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

As our water supply system has grown in size and complexity it has become more difficult for employees to fully understand how their efforts at work, the infrastructure they build and maintain, and the many environmental variables interact. It is important that this interaction is managed in such a way that we can be confident that our customers continue to receive a safe and high quality water supply.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), provides a methodology that assists in understanding and assessing the risks associated with supplying drinking water, developing control measures and documenting a management system that when implemented will give confidence that our customers will continue to receive a safe and high quality drinking water.

This HACCP plan covers all of Riverina Water's drinking water supply systems. It covers each system from the raw water supply catchment through to the consumer's tap. The focus on water safety issues in the operation of the authority's storages, treatment processes and distribution systems will be strengthened. Staff members have also gained a greater appreciation for the importance of water safety issues in their daily tasks.