Average Water Use

Water consumption levels vary throughout Australia. Average daily water use ranges from as little as 100 litres per person in some coastal areas to more than 800 litres per person in the dry inland areas. The current average daily water consumption is 340 litres per person, or 900 litres per household. In addition, an average of 150 litres of water per person is used every day in the workplace by industry and commerce, community uses such as watering of public parks and gardens, firefighting and system leakage.

The following graph shows the areas of reticulated water usage in Wagga Wagga during a typical peak day.


You can significantly reduce your outdoor water consumption by replacing some lawn with a low maintenance and water efficient garden.

How much water is used, on average, in general household activities?

Toilet flush (single flush cistern)  12 litres 
Bath  100 litres 
Shower (10 minutes)  200 litres 
Dishwasher load  50 litres 
Washing machine load  150 litres 
Brushing teeth with tap running   5 litres
Drinking, cooking, cleaning per person per day  10 litres 
Hand basin per use  5 litres 
Garden sprinkler per hour  1000 litres  
Garden dripper per hour  4 litres 
Car Washing with hose  200 litres 
Hosing driveway  100 litres 
Total daily consumption per household  900 litres