Backflow accreditation

Accredited Members

Plumbing Licence Number

 Name  Contact Phone Number 
 89097C  Jason Kelly 0417437951
 L9409 Graham Lovell 0409652619
 L12887 Les Gray 0418695226
 12976C Barry Suckling 0417230471
 A2328 ICG Fleming 69253333
 65487C Chris Golden 0428332212
 213981C Peter Hogan 0428269286
 157826C Rod Skerry 0413808477
 L1742 Marcus Hand 0411446311
 32931C Greg Charleson 0412694922
 46413C Damien Cheney 0409571576
 550C34S Andrew Linn 0428495344

Anyone who has accreditation and would like to go on the list please contact the

Riverina Water County Council compliance officer (0269220618).