Beyond the Nature Strip

A guide to water saving in household outdoor areas.


Following the success of the Riverina Urban Nature Strip Lawn Replacement Rebate Scheme, Riverina Water wants customers to continue to think sustainably about water and encourages our community to implement water saving measures not only on the nature strip, but in other household outdoor areas.

The 'Beyond the Nature Strip' booklet will provide you with information on water efficient gardening, a guide to replacing lawn within your yard, water efficiency tips and useful ideas on how lawn alternatives can save you time, money and the environment.

With the average Wagga household using about fifty per cent of their water over summer on lawns and gardens, Riverina Water recommends reducing the overall amount of lawn to see a reduction in water usage. This can be achieved on any lawn area in the yard or on the nature strip.

There is no time limit to introducing water saving measures; but the benefits will extend over the long term and save you money on your water bill!

Click the on the icon below for more information on how you can start saving water today.

We look forward to working together to build a sustainable future for our community.